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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Night Moves by V.J. Devereaux!

Introducing V.J. Devereaux's first book, Night Moves, and it's available at http://www.ellorascave.com/!!!

Here's the great blurb:

With her unglamorous job, crappy hours and limited choices, Rafaela finds herself reduced to internet dating. She just wants to meet a man she considers even remotely interesting. Or satisfying.

Her latest match-up is tall, dark and handsome Michael. He and his cousin and companion, Nico—gorgeous must be a family trait—are vampires. They’re getting tired of constantly hunting for a good meal and good sex. Too many complications. Too much danger of discovery.

They have decided to offer one woman—the right woman—an interesting proposition. An offer that just might fulfill all of Rafaela’s wildest fantasies.

This one is a hot book!!! Here's the link to go directly to the site to read the first chapter. This is definately one I'm buying.



  1. You're welcome. BTW, it was so fun meeting you at ROmanticon. Are you coming back next year?

  2. Oh, Regina, I hope so! After all, I'm just down the road! But this time I could do without the speeding ticket - and I'll probably be a little calmer! LOL (but only a little)