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Thursday, September 3, 2009

What puts you in the mood?

I'm starting a new book. I usually write by the seat of my pants. I literally think 'I want to write a... (insert type of book here)'... open up a new word document... and start to write. There's my planning stage. LOL. This one is a second book to a western I just finished that I am now editing to submit in a few weeks. I'm prone to series. I will admit that right now. I love reading them, I love writing them, and I wanted to write about this guy's brother. LOL. That's all I had in mind when I opened a new document. A story about Navarro's brother River that is a busted up ex-rodeo star.

It's a contemporary western. I need to get in the mood which got me wondering what other people do to get in the mood. Me? I pulled out the CD's I have. I popped them into my computer, downloaded songs from them into my MP3 player, and turned it up loud. I use headphones because everyone is sleeping. I tend to write late. I love to dance. I probably shouldn't admit that but it helps get rid of 'writer's butt'. LOL. So I downloaded my CD's to said Mp3 player, got up, and danced around. LOL. Then I sat down and wrote out the first chapter listening to the same songs. (Hey, don't knock it. I've lost 25 pounds this year making myself dance! LOL)

Song list includes - Bob Seger's Fire Down Below (I love Bob! I listen to a few of his songs actually), Joe Cocker's You Can Leave Your Hat On (Yes, I giggle at his last name), The Chemicals Between Us by Bush, I Want To Be A Cowboy by Kid Rock.... just to name a few. LOL. It puts me in the right mindset to write. I put them on my playlist and listen to the music while I write. It keeps me zoned in on the story, the characters, and keeps me from getting distracted by the cats playing or the neighbors driving past or whatever else is going on around me.

I took a little break and it got me thinking... I wonder how weird I am??? LOL. So I thought I'd ask what other people do to 'get in the mood' when they write. Do you do things to get in the mood? Does it just 'come to you' or do you do things to put yourself into your writing 'zone'??? I'd love to hear it if you're willing to share it. LOL!


  1. I have whole soundtracks that I mix and run when I write, and sound reducing headphones to block out everything else. I can't function without it.

  2. I love cloudy, raining days to write. An overcast day will do it for me every time. If it's a dreary day I'm chomping at the bit to squirrel away with my computer. But, because I write full time, I can't depend on it raining every day. So, what else puts me in the mood is my favorite authors. They so inspire me with their books. I want to be that good. I want to create stories that amazing. The right music also does it, too. And a good movie can put me in the mood. I also like to burn candles. Especially on those dreary days!

  3. Valerie, I can't work without music! LOL. 4 kids, 4 cats, and the husband likes his TV loud when he's home. LOL. Too distracting!

    Sherry, I love rainy days too but I tend to love to read more on those days. LOL. Now if only I had a fireplace to curl up in front of with a laptop! LOL. My favorite candle scent is vanilla or those baked cookie ones.

    Thanks for answering. I'm always curious! LOL.

  4. I write a lot of contemporary westerns, and though I'm not a country music fan, nothing gets me into the writing mode like a little Garth Brooks ;). My first EC release in November is a contemporary western. A contemporary western menage, that is ;). When I'm stuck on a love scene, I sip a glass of wine in a sexy nightie. Seriously -- it works!

    Great blog, Laura!


  5. Helen... nice! I like that. That would put me in the mood to write a sexy scene. LOL. I love to hear this stuff! Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Hi Laurann,I'm not a writer,but I can tell you,I'm so in the mood to read your new book"Ral's Woman" RIGHT NOW! I've been waiting for sept. 4th to get here for a week now and it feels like it's been longer than that. the excerpt was so good and I just have to read it!! I'm so glad I found a new Author! Congradulations on your new book release tomorrow and many,many more.

  7. conb00, Thank You! You just made my night! I really hope you enjoy it! I'm really nervous. It's like having a baby, taking it out to meet the family... and hoping everyone falls in love with it! LOL. Please come back and let me know what you think of the rest of their story! I would love to hear from you.


  8. He he he... Laurann if you were to sip a glass of wine in a sexy nightie I know you would not be writing a book ;)

    About the book as you already know I think it is great... but then you and I have the same idea when it comes to the "mood." That book cover really helps too ;)~

  9. LOL, Amy. Thank you for stopping by. That cover is hot, isn't it. Didn't I tell you? LOL.

  10. I like to look at photos of hunky man, (no this isn't X rated), Once I've got my photos I than think up stories to fit them
    Bea Jay

  11. Hi Laurann! *waves* I LOVED Ral's Woman.
    I love writing on rainy days but I live in Texas, so most of the time it's super-sunny outside. But there's a website Rainymood.com that is pretty awesome for thunderstorm/rain sounds.
    Music is ESSENTIAL! I have a Spotify account which is really awesome. I have discovered a lot (A LOT) of music that way.
    Candles are good, too.
    And I have to agree, favorite authors really do inspire! :D