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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My imagination to the rescue! LOL

Yeah!!! I was struggling to concentrate on writing and I said I'd tie myself to my desk. Well, I did it. (Not literally...It's hard to write probably in handcuffs or rope...LOL). I am taking a break right now but I'm on the last chapter!!! I have to do all the edits, read it a dozen times, let my critique partner get her eyes on it... but YEAH! I was stuck and now I'm not. I even have the last chapter in my head so it's just a matter of getting it down so I can smooth it out!!!
I always feel really excited yet sad when I finish a book. I live and breathe these characters while I'm writing. It's like telling people you've come to love... I have to leave you now... LOL. A part of me wants to stay and linger just a bit longer. I'll get over that feeling after I'm done with all that reading, editing, and it's ready to be submitted. By then I'll be eager to work on the next one.
Oh... I love starting a new book. I get excited about a blank page. Ideas start to hit me all at once as I put my fingers to the keys. Nothing is easier for me than those first few pages. Usually in one sitting I will write the first chapter of a book. It just hits me upside the head and boom... that 80 plus words per minute typing ability I have comes in handy because I can keep up with my thoughts with my fingers. Of course sometimes it's all crap and I have to dump it but... it's fun! LOL!!!
I wonder what other authors feel when they finish a book or are close to the end. Excited it's done? Sad that it's time to wrap up the story? Please share! I'd love to hear it. I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Laurann,I had to pop in and I'm glad I did! you did it GOOD GOOD GOOD! I'll try not to BUG ya and wait patiently for your next book! Oh! the excitement, of another ZORN thats going to come alive! if only there was a ZORN for ME in real life! HEE!HEE!LOL

  2. Hi conb00,

    LOL. Thank you. I'm getting that last chapter down so then it's editing time! I'm glad you stopped in too. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, you write so quickly.
    Bea Jay