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Monday, September 7, 2009

I've survived a first book release... LOL

It's been a very exciting long weekend. Ral's Woman was released on Friday. I was nervous...okay... terrified... of that fact. I'll be blunt. Before I submitted it ONE person besides me had read it. Usually I have a few good friends that I can shoot anything I write to. They are my biggest fans, these few women (3 of them). One of them has been really busy at work, is a single mother, and hasn't had time to read. Another one lost her job and her Internet because she likes eating more than checking her e-mail (right choice), and that left my third friend that got to read Ral's Woman. LOL. I had never written anything like it before and I don't think she'd ever read anything like it before. It was my first venture into outer space, aliens, and that made me even more nervous.

It came out and ask my new best friend Valerie who is also my critique partner... I was a basket case. She and I shot e-mails back and forth at the speed of light almost. Me freaking out, her trying to not laugh too hard at me while trying to calm me down. I had worst scenario running through my head. The dreaded 'bomb'. You know... no one will like it. (Yes, that's what I was freaking out about the most.) My wonderful husband woke up Friday morning to a note on his lunch bag where I admitted I was freaking out. He left me a note back. Here's what my wonderful husband wrote. "There is nothing better than the day a dream comes true." Yes, I'm a lucky woman. He always knows what to say and how to get me to smile. Clutching his note since I can't curl up to him (He had to work) I drank my Carmel iced coffee and wrote to a few people, checking my e-mail every few minutes because Valerie was keeping me sane with those rapid e-mails. She has a day job too so she was working while keeping me from going off the deep end.
A wonderful thing happened. A few emails started coming in from readers. They loved my book! They were even nice enough to share why they loved it. I had hoped that maybe one or two people would take the time. Cross my fingers that they liked it (okay, maybe my hands were clasped together too a few times). I got emails every few hours. They started adding up and I was just floored. My website got hundreds of hits. Valerie, bless her heart, sent me to the EC site to look at the comments and ratings that had been left. I forgot about that feature in my haze of release day. I got a lot of support from other authors who took the time to respond to my group email about how nervous I was. Wow are authors some really great people and so darn friendly and supportive! A HUGE thank you to them!

So... I survived release day and the days following. LOL. I am still getting emails from readers. I got three of them today and a facebook friend request from someone who read Ral's Woman that also sent me a really nice message, and that reminded me... Oh yeah. I set up a facebook. I'd forgotten in my haze. LOL. Whoops. I wrote myself a note. FACEBOOK! I'll go work on that this week. LOL. It's just been so hectic the past few weeks. My kids start school tomorrow. (Me jumping up and down in my chair because my youngest will go to kindergarten for three hours which will leave me 3 hours of quiet). Now I'm settled down. I can get back to the writing part.

I admit I was a bit distracted and didn't write much of anything this weekend. That's really unlike me. I'm a writing plow horse. I sit in the chair (strap myself in mentally) and there I go. This weekend was the exception. I just couldn't focus and that's unheard of for me. I know people who write suffer from writer's block occasionally but not me. I have a way around that. I have more than one work in progress always. If I get caught on one... I have others to work on happily so I'm always writing. Now I can say never say never. Release day weekend can make me nuts. LOL. I survived and now life can resume. I had started a third book about Zorn so I'm going to get back to work! LOL.

Thank you to everyone who has been so wonderful and supportive. Thank you, Regina Carlysle, for putting Ral's Woman up on your blogspot this weekend! You are a wonderful woman and damn can that woman write! Check out her books! She just released Ringo's Ride, the third in the High Plains Shifter series, and MAN is it a HOT read!



  1. WHEW...glad you survived. There is actually NOTHING like the first release but I'll admit, they always make me nervous. Your book will be a big hit but the pressure is ON now, honey for more more more. It just never ends. LOL.

  2. LOL. I'll love every minute of it when I'm not freaking out. I'm lucky in the regard that I've already submitted 2 more books, have another one just waiting to be emailed in when I hear back from the other 2, and another one I'm just doing the final touch edits on! I really am a plow horse when it comes to writing. I wrote Ral's Woman in six days. (Just don't ask me how little sleep I got that week or how long my days in the chair were... LOL)

  3. Hi Laurann, I LOVED your book,I can't wait for your next one!!Will it be a series? I hope so you are very talented and I look forward to reading more of your books! I love those Big delicious dominant hunks that have their way with their woman!!Ral's Woman is in my keeper shelf.

  4. conb00, I'm so glad you loved the book! I have written another one so cross your fingers it gets picked up. Mine are. LOL.

  5. Oh YES! my fingers are crossed too!!your the HOTTEST new Author around,it will get picked up cause readers like me LOVE your style of writing!

  6. conb00, WOW! Hang on. Let me pick myself up off of the floor. LOL. That is so damn nice of you to say! I hope they pick it up! I promise to let EVERYONE know if they do. I'll be shouting that loud! LOL. Thank you!

  7. Wow, six days? You go girl, sounds like you deserve all the praise after your hard work.
    Bea Jay