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Friday, August 28, 2009

What I love in a weekend

It's Friday evening, the best part of my week for me. I have four children, three of them are ages ten and under. Since school is out until Sept 8th... I'm home every day with them. They make it almost impossible for me to write. They turn my living room into their play worlds. They love to argue, wrestle, and break things in general. Every weekend though... my husband takes charge of them so I can put on my headphones, block out the kid noise, and write. I LOVE weekends!

So here it is and I'm about to put on the headphones, dive into the latest book I'm working on (well, actually I'm working on three right now but one is stuck in my head) so I am probably going to spend the next four to six hours on the planet Zorn with a hot alien. LOL. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night. Tomorrow I'm planning on working on book project number 2 so I'm going to spend a little time with a few sexy werewolves. On Sunday I get to play with a smoking hot Cowboy that is good with ropes in another book I'm writing. NOT a bad way to spend a weekend. LOL. I sure don't get bored.

I always make time for my husband. Tomorrow we're going to get pizza and rent some movies. No one will take on babysitting my little ones. They are terrors. I admit it. We rent movies instead of going out. That's actually better. It's hard to cuddle up to my favorite guy with an armrest between us if we go out to see a movie. This is why I love weekends. All the writing I can get in, a break from the kids, and a husband who is addicted to video games on the weekends so he doesn't mind at all if I'm writing away. LOL. And he's easy to lure away from his games when I need a little 'research' help. Weekends are great. I hope everyone else has a great weekend too!


  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping in on our blog at Six Sexy Scribes! I love yours! No place to show our appreciation by following you, though.

  2. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for stopping by. There's the follow link above. I see it. I hope it's really there and not a figment of my imagination. LOL.

  3. How do you keep the stories straight in your head? Must be skill...

    There's nothing better than watching the opening credits on a movie while sitting in the dark, I always feel excited.

    Bea Jay